vendredi 18 août 2017

18 Août 2017

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  1. It is wonderful! Happy Birthday Nell!

  2. What a Delightful post! I remember well the angst of trying to find that perfect gift to satisfy a teenage daughter. At 16 they are still teetering between youth and young adulthood and they flip flop from one to the other at a moments notice; difficult to know sometimes which to cater to.
    Even so, I can't help but believe that your Nell will CHERISH FOREVER this Wonder-filled shadowbox! Not only is it Beautifully done but you have included her Passion and her personal aspiration, with both wit and humor.

    And I must say that Never have I seen "synchronized swimming" done in miniature- and never a gift filled with so much LOVE♡

    I wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nell :D

    1. vous avez tout compris Elizabeth avec les adolescents ... ils ont le don de changer d'envie au dernier moment !! j 'ai de la chance , Nell a un caractere très doux et je savais qu'elle comprendrait mon cadeau . et puis , elle a eu par sa soeur et ses amies des vraies cadeaux de fille de 16 ans !!! haha !

  3. Qu'est ce que je suis heureuse que vous êtes de retour !!! J'adore votre blog !!!